Exciting New Product Launch: Glass Stacking Doors

Exciting New Product Launch: Glass Stacking Doors

ATDC is proud to announce the launch of its new glass stacking doors for commercial, retail and hospitality applications.

Introducing ATDC’s Glass Stacking Doors: A New Standard in Commercial Security

Retail, Hospitality & Commercial Glass Stacking Doors

ATDC is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest innovation: glass stacking doors designed for commercial, retail, and hospitality. Representing yet another quality product from ATDC, these doors are fabricated from heavy-duty extruded aluminium framing, offering both durability and ease of operation.


Innovative Design and Construction

Crafted with precision, ATDC’s glass stacking doors feature heavy-duty extruded aluminium framing that ensures stability and longevity. Despite their robust construction, these doors are surprisingly lightweight and easy to operate, making them ideal for various commercial settings. The system operates on commercial-grade rollers suspended from an extruded aluminium top track, ensuring smooth and reliable functionality.


Versatile Infills and Locking Mechanisms

ATDC’s glass stacking doors offer versatility in infills, with options including safety glass or polycarbonate panels to suit different security and aesthetic requirements. Lockup is achieved through a series of up/down locking mechanisms, providing secure closure and peace of mind for property owners and managers. Standard finishes include natural anodise or a quality powder coat to the Dulux Duralloy range, ensuring both durability and visual appeal.


Cost Savings and Enhanced Security

The use of ATDC’s glass stacking doors can lead to significant cost savings for businesses. Their ease of use saves employees time, streamlining operations and increasing productivity. Additionally, the enhanced security provided by these doors can prevent costly break-ins and theft, safeguarding valuable assets and reducing the risk of financial losses associated with property damage and downtime.


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