DIY Safety Doors

DIY Safety Doors

We are proud to announce the introduction of our new DIY steel safety door.

Easy Installation, Powerful protection
Our DIY safety door is a concertina style trellis door which expands sideways and folds back to just a fraction of the opening it is protecting. The door can also pivot up to 90 degrees so that it is almost completely out of the way.

Invisible by day because it can be hidden behind your curtains or blinds, your DIY door is formidable by night as it protects your premises with a proprietary multi-point locking mechanism.

Bring the Outdoors In
Being an open grille mesh, your DIY door allows maximum ventilation and free flow of fresh air and sunshine into your home. Available in a standard white or black powdercoated finish, other colours can be provided as special orders. The finish of your DIY door is world class.

Got a Hand Drill? You’ve got everything you need to mount your DIY door
Now available in an economically-priced DIY format with simple step-by-step instructions accompanied by a series of pictures, all you really need is a hand drill and you are well on your way.

How can you get a DIY door?
Our DIY doors are now sold in hardware chains across the world. You can get yours direct or find your local distributor. To order or ask for more information, call us on 1800 657 435 from anywhere in Australia or send an enquiry from our Contact Us page.