Barrier Solutions to Open Air Smoking Provisions

Barrier Solutions to Open Air Smoking Provisions

Legislation Bans Smoking Indoors

Last year saw the introduction of new legislation banning smoking indoors across NSW’s 3,700 licensed venues. The legislation allows smoking in areas which are 25 per cent open to the elements (known as the “75/25” open air provision), whilst smoke needs to be allowed to be blown away.

Venue operators have been putting significant effort and expense into improving their gardens and outdoor areas to accommodate the smokers.

Mobile Trackless Trellis Barriers

One relatively inexpensive product used by some of these venue operators to assist compliance with the 75/25 rules, is the Mobile Trackless Trellis Barrier, available from the Australian Trellis Door Company™.

The open-style nature of these expanding steel barriers allows smoke to blow away. They are mobile, operate on a series of trolleys and castors, so that they can be used for the erection of temporary enclosures, wheeled away when not in use and stored out of sight. This system is available up to a height of 2,500mm, is very economical and provides enormous flexibility, allowing the closing off of make-shift and awkward openings which may be typically very difficult to enclose.

Slam-lock Facility

The systems are secured on each end by a slam-lock facility which locks the barrier to a side fixing point. Shoot bolts drop intermittently into the floor helping to stabilize the system from sideways movement, especially on uneven areas. If no suitable side-fixing point exists then one could use ATDC’s removable lockable posts, which lock down onto a laser cut stainless steel plate positioned on the floor, creating the required fixing point.

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