Trellis doors from The Australian Trellis Door Co featured in image next to Pope

Australian Trellis Security Doors Protect Pope

Pope Francis’ most  recent visit to Kenya was his first visit to the African continent and he was the  Roman Catholic Church’s second  Pope to  visit that country after Pope John Paul II who made three such visits to Kenya.

During that  visit ,Pope Francis met the Kenyan President and he  held an open  mass at Nairobi University including undertaking numerous other activities.In the attached photograph  he  can be seen conducting a religious ceremony on that Kenyan visit whilst in the background the Trellis Security Doors are clearly visibly locked and closed and secure.

The Trellis Security Doors in full view are the cutting edge S09 Alumax Style retractable aluminium security doors.These security doors are fully framed for extra strength and are extremely robust and secure with a high grade  3 -point locking system and their heavy duty marine grade extruded sections.With a clear anodised finish and a professional powdercoat application  these security doors have an extremely sophisticated finish-the perfect choice  security product  for the discerning homeowner and business owner.When unlocked and opened, these security doors retract and  fold back to form a neat and compact stacking factor of only 20% of the total opening span  that is being secured.Ideal for both residential applications (often folding back and concealed by blinds or curtains) and also for commercial applications providing an unobtrusive storage area so as not to impede through flow of pedestrian traffic and further  to preserve visual display of merchandise in retail applications.For further technical specifications and product  information on ATDC’s S09 product view article at

The Australian Trellis Door Company’s trellis security doors are now sold in the domestic and commercial markets in Sydney,Brisbane,Melbourne,Adelaide,Perth and Canberra as well as in all major regional towns across Australia including Newcastle,Geelong,Darwin,Townsville,Hobart and the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.ATDC’s security doors are exported to South East Asia,The Asia Pacific region,The Pacific Islands and the UAE.For further information on ATDC’s burgeoning export business refer to

For further information on ATDC’s comprehensive range of domestic,commercial and industrial trellis security doors visit their website at   or contact them toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435 or  61-2-87232800 for Overseas enquiries.