ATDC Launches New Slimline Panel Accordion Door in Australia

ATDC Launches New Slimline Panel Accordion Door in Australia

The Australian Trellis Door Company™ (ATDC™) is proud to announce the launch of its new 150mm slimline panel accordion door, the model FC2.

Following on the broad success of its wide body 300mm FC1 accordion door, the FC2 accordion door has been launched to cater for situations where the pocket width for a particular opening is restricted and hence where the wide body panel would exceed the width limitations available. The FC2 is also ideal where the accordion door needs to traverse extremely tight radius turns. For further information on the success of ATDC’s 300mm folding accordion door please see our article in the news and blog section here and again in our article here.

Accordion Door – Precision Engineered

ATDC’s new accordion door is precision engineered and is manufactured from extruded aluminium sections which operate through a series of interlocking hinges and heavy duty top wheel carriages creating the sliding and folding action of the door  through a low friction and lightweight operation which is always user friendly no matter how large the opening.

ATDC’S new accordion door combines strength, style and world class corrosion resistance and is designed for the discerning business owner-it is one of the world’s finest commercial closures ever launched on the Australian market and is the result of many years of research and development.

Seamless Locking Mechanisms

With its seamless up/down locking mechanisms and architecturally rolled  curved configurations, the FC2 can accommodate a 90 degree turn through a 405 mm radius and can even traverse an S-Bend shaped aperture where required. Standard coatings include a professional natural anodised finished whilst powdercoated finishes (from the Dulux range) are an additional extra.

Curtain infill options include polycarbonate, toughened glass, solid aluminium, aluminium vertical rods or even a perforated mesh infill. For further information on ATDC’s accordion doors view our production information.

Our Accordion Door Customers

The attached photograph shows the new FC2 accordion door which was recently installed at Westfield Chermside for 2XU.2XU (or TWO TIMES YOU) is an Australian multinational company founded in 2005 and produces sporting apparel such as compression and general fitness gear. The project managers for this job were Minc Services in Brisbane and the specifying designer was Idea Works of Sydney. The FC2 doors were powdercoated black to blend in with 2XU’s corporate colours and were installed at a height of 4500mm which is the maximum height for the FC2 accordion door. The doors are stacking on a 90 degree curve through a 600mm radius turn.

Contact Us Today – Australia Wide

ATDC’s accordion doors are sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Darwin as well as in all regional centres and towns across Australia including Newcastle, Geelong, Woolongong, Cairns and Townsville. For further information on ATDC’s accordion doors please visit or contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in the country on 1800 657 435.