Are Security Doors Effective?

Heavy duty steel trellis security doors with lattice design

Are Security Doors Effective?

Are Security Doors Effective?

People often wonder whether or not security doors are really effective. Can they actually protect your home or commercial property from would-be thieves? The short answer is yes. Security doors are able to prevent intrusions unless intruders put significant force into gaining entry, usually using tools.

For the most part, simply the presence of security doors will prevent intruders from even attempting entry. They’re a deterrent, they’re a physical barrier, and they’re highly effective.

Security Doors Effectiveness, Explained

The actual performance of security doors needs to be explained:

Given sufficient time and using the right equipment, all security doors can be penetrated. The aim is to ensure that the security door you purchase is less vulnerable to break-ins than others – the Australian Standards AS 5039 and 5040 are an absolute minimum requirement.

Once you have established that the door (and method of installation) is Australian Standard compliant, there are other factors that will increase the likelihood that your security door will be less prone to break-ins than others.

These factors include a full steel frame, steel bar in-fills or stainless steel mesh infill, triple contact locking, and 5-pin cylinder locks (or equivalent). Avoid doors that have aluminium rivets that are exposed to intruders.

Basic flyscreen safety doors that are designed more as insect screens rather than security screen doors will stop insects and bugs (most likely) but they will not be effective against would-be intruders. A good modern security door can also provide this screening function without compromising your home security.

Security Doors Intrusion Prevention Considerations

Generally, the stronger the security door, the less likely it is to be penetrated.  The major issues are actually site-related. Security doors need to be well-suited to reduce the risk of intrusion.

Your security doors are also a useful deterrent, acting as practical obstacles to intrusion:

  • Most intruders will only attempt to force a security door if there are no easy points of access. Trying to force a security door is the most difficult way to gain entry to a property.
  • A heavy duty security door is a very demanding proposition for intruders, even if they do have the equipment required to penetrate it. Modern security doors are rated against force, including direct impacts and attempted leverage of the door frame fixtures. Forcing a security door takes time, and any good onsite security system will spot an attempted entry almost instantly.
  • Commercial security doors are even tougher. These very durable doors may include multiple folding doors, expanding doors, and commercial roller shutters. All of these doors offer very high levels of anti-intruder protection.

Purchasing Security Doors

It is very strongly recommended that residential and commercial property owners seek expert guidance on their choice of security doors. Your doors need to be right for your premises. You can also get useful help and advice from suppliers about access, security measures, locks, and other critical issues.

Need to Ask an Expert about Your Security Doors?

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