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Update Your Business’ Security with Commercial Roller Shutters


If your store, school, or business has ever dealt with break-ins or security issues, you know how scary it can be and the stress it can put on you as the person in charge. As you search for security solutions, you’ll likely be overwhelmed with the number of options available.

Not all security solutions are created equal

In fact, many companies offer cut-rate security features that won’t deter any burglar from trying to get into your store and steal your products or money.

With a business that faces the street
Meaning that heavy foot traffic passes by your front doors constantly – there’s only one option you need to invest in; roller shutters and shutter doors. These fantastic security products are specifically designed to cover and protect your business’ doors, deterring people from attempting to break in.

At A.T.D.C.
We provide quality commercial roller shutters. Our shutter doors are made of aluminium, crafted to deter break-ins and damage. These days, it’s just not enough to have secure doors and windows. There are plenty of ways to break in.

Commercial security shutters help your Sydney business by helping to protect your doors and windows, deterring thieves from even attempting to get into your building or store. These can vary from clear to ventilation to solid opaque.

Commercial Roller Shutter Privacy and Security

Remote Operated Roller Shutters
Remote Operated Roller Shutters

In Australia, you won’t find a better roller shutter to protect your business.

Our robust yet flexible security shutters work for any size space, providing ample protection for your doors and windows, while also deterring burglars and vandals from even thinking about trying to enter.


Our security shutters are fabricated from sturdy aluminium and feature state-of-the-art locking systems, allowing you to lock them securely.


We also provide unique installation hardware on all our shutters, which deter attempted break ins.

Night Security

When you own a showroom, club, or restaurant, especially when it’s facing a sidewalk and street, there’s nothing more critical than overnight security features. That’s why we take our commercial roller shutters and doors so seriously.

You need products that provide maximum security at night, while also being completely invisible during the day’s business hours. Our shutters even offer fantastic visibility, ventilation, and necessary climate control. If you own a retail space, warehouse, or bank in Sydney, you won’t find any better security products than the ones from A.T.D.C.

Available in Sydney and Throughout Australia


As a business in Australia, you know that you need top-tier security. With our commercial shutters, you’ll get the most durable product available thanks to our design that features interlocking aluminium slats. These slats are designed to form a substantial security barrier that can’t be easily penetrated. Our shutters also have slimline designs, allowing for unobstructed entrances. During business hours, you can quickly roll these shutters out of the way, allowing for easy access to your space.


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