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You can find some of the most durable secure bifold doors available in Melbourne when you call The Australian Trellis Door Company, an established business that has been providing first-class protection for customers since 1985.

We offer many different expanding door options, including;

and concertina doors
made from some of the highest-quality materials available in the country.

As such, we are the only company of our kind in Australia that complies with OH&S legislation and the AS5039 Security Standard.

We also offer competitive prices, after-sales support, and a year-long warranty on all products so that you can trust any of the products you purchase from us. Ask us to design a custom concertina door for your property today, and let us provide you with one of the best in the entire nation.

Security doors of all kinds should have a solid design, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful or unique.

You may have heard the term “bifold doors” before. On the other hand, the concept of bifold doors (also called concertina doors) may be entirely new to you. However, one thing is sure: you’ll want to learn more about these doors if you want to partition a commercial or domestic space effectively. These visually attractive and highly practical products have been used for such purposes for many years, and modern variations on traditional concertina doors adorn Melbourne commercial properties of many kinds.

What is Great ABout Concertina Doors

Specsavers Concertina Folding Door

A brief history

Concertina doors date back all the way to the days of ancient Rome. They found several specimens during the excavation of Pompeii, and numerous historians document their use.

Perhaps their popularity can be attributed to their stylised appearance. Instead of swinging open like a conventional door, these doors open by folding backwards in several panels as the door slides open—similar to the way an accordion (or concertina) functions.

Bifold doors are not just for show, however. In fact, recent years have seen the evolution of the concertina security door, which Melbourne businesses of many kinds make use of to protect their premises.

Bifold Concertina Doors for Security

A concertina security door is likely to be made from stronger materials than traditional concertina doors, and will likely come from a company known for producing security doors instead of decorative ones.

If you are searching for a concertina security door in Melbourne or Victoria, you should look for one that meet national security standards, and one that comes with a warranty by the manufacturer so that you can purchase it with confidence that it will function as intended.

It may also be beneficial to search for a company that offers professional installation and robust after-sales support.

Find the ideal marriage of form and function when you contact A.T.D.C. and let one of our professionals design a solution for your property.


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