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Security is essential for any business. That means finding the best security doors that will protect your establishment from mischief or break-ins. The same is true for homeowners in areas where criminal activity may be a concern. If you don’t have a security door or you need to replace your current one because you are worried it’s not secure enough, you should consider a Concertina Security Door in Sydney. That means you should be talking to The Australian Trellis Door Company. We focus on providing premium Trellis, folding and concertina doors that give the best security for businesses and homes.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach supplying you with security solutions that work. If you’re looking for a one size fits all approach, you won’t find that here. Instead, you’ll find solutions crafted individually for every customer be it at their place of business or their home. We are the only company selling Trellis doors in Australia that complies with the AS5039 Security Standard and with OH&S legislation. Along with excellent customer service that continues after we make a sale, we also offer competitive pricing. When you’re looking for Concertina Doors in Sydney to protect you, your loved ones or your workplace come and talk to us today.

Find Concertina Security Door in Sydney

If your security door is older, you would be smart to replace it with a Concertina Door in Sydney. An area that is just as important, however, is your locking system. Advances in technology are resulting in locking mechanisms that are one step ahead of what the bad guys can crack. Your best bet is to get a triple contact system with five-pin cylinder locks. They work well with your concertina door by increasing its effectiveness. You can also try a three-pin lock paired with an anti-jimmy plate that helps to stymie anyone trying to get into your place of business, even if they’re using tools such as a crowbar.

Don’t forget to key your security door lock to your master key system. This makes it much easier to use and less likely that a security lock key might get lost or find its way into the hands of the wrong people. It’s also a benefit to your staff because they no longer need to worry about losing keys and not being able to get into your store to open for business. When used with Bifold Doors in Sydney it greatly enhances your security precautions.

If you’re concerned about security at your residence you should probably immediately replace old locks with three- or five- pin standards. When you come to us to look at new security door options, make sure you ask our talented and professional staff about your best lock options.

The best security solutions

When you buy a concertina, bifold or trellis security door from us, you can count on professional and quality installation and continued after-sales service to make sure you’re satisfied with your new security purchase. We can help you with your security situations anywhere in Australia, and all our products have a one-year warranty. When you need to talk with someone about new security doors contact us.