ATDC Scours Potential Hazards for Portable Barrier Installation

Westpoint Blacktown Portable Barrier

ATDC Scours Potential Hazards for Portable Barrier Installation

ATDC’s recent installation of  100 lineal metres of portable barriers for Westpoint Growers had some potential hazards which had to be overcome prior to any works being carried out.

On the instructions of management at the QIC owned Westpoint Blacktown, ATDC arranged for an external contractor to scan below the concrete floor surface for potential Reo or conduit lying just beneath the finished floor. This was a potential hazard given that ATDC were required to drill into the floor at various positions in order to stabilize and secure the barrier installation with shootbolt locks. Positive locations had to be clearly marked out by the scanner and then ATDC’s installers had to carefully navigate their floor drilling to avoid these potentially hazardous positions.

Yet another example of market leading ATDC’s close attention to detail, quality and to workplace health and safety.

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