Trellis Security Doors installed across Woolworths Retail Property Portfolio

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Trellis Security Doors installed across Woolworths Retail Property Portfolio

Our S06™ and S04™ concertina security doors are now being widely specified and installed across the Woolworths group of companies.

The S06™ security door is being fitted in BWS, Dan Murphy’s and Dick Smith Electronics stores across Australia for the following reasons:

Firstly, whilst providing a formidable security barrier by night, these concertina security doors fold back out of the way and out of sight by day allowing for maximum showcasing of merchandise during trading hours; and

Secondly, by night there is optimum visibility through these security barriers, allowing for 24/7/365 display of merchandise.

The S04™ trellis security door is being installed nationally in Woolworths and Caltex Petrol stations to secure power distributions boards, whilst permitting ventilation through the security door when locked.

The S04-1™ mobile security barrier is being installed in Australia wide in Big W stores to separate the Optometrist section of the business from the rest of the store. These security barriers are trackless requiring no top support structure and are wheeled away during trading hours and stored out of the way in designated cupboards.

What is the procedure for ordering?

Contact us on 1800 657 435 and we will visit your home or business to assess your requirements and give you a free quote in metro Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth or in any other capital city or regional town in Australia.