ATDC Security Grilles for Residential Applications

ATDC Security Grilles for Residential Applications

With the importance of a good security system on the rise, security grilles are the perfect way to keep your home or workplace safe from intruders or potentially dangerous and harmful situations. Security grilles are the top of the line necessity for protecting your property and assets from theft and asset damage. Trellis Doors are no strangers to the increasing need to effectively protect your home and workplaces and have many solutions available to provide optimum protection to suit your budget.

Security Grilles – Residential and Commercial

Security grilles are used for both residential and commercial properties with a wide range available to suit your needs. Security grilles provide great protection for businesses in high-risk suburbs, towns with exposure to foot traffic or with particularly valuable assets requiring protection. With a wide variety of styles, you will be able to select a security grille that is right for you. Whether you need a discrete grille for the home without sacrificing style or a sturdy grille for your local business, Trellis Doors and their expert staff will be able to find the right product for you. Security grilles are available from Trellis Doors in a wide range of styles, colours, protection and prices if you are on a budget.

Protecting your business from intrusion and theft is extremely important in today’s society. According to E Listingz, with the current instability of the economy and rising prices as a result of inflation, it is more important than ever that you make sure you protect your assets to avoid unwanted and unnecessary costs. Theft can cost your business thousands in stolen or damaged goods, this is why the focus is shifting onto what methods are available to add that extra security and sense of safety to your business or home. Elders Insurance also stresses the other costs associated with theft that most businesses do not consider including; reproduction of important records, damage to premises and replacement locks and keys. All of which are a potentially avoidable costs with the implementation of security grilles. GIO provides some great tips for protecting your small business including minimising cash left on the premises, frequent visits to your business during extended closing periods and the importance of a good relationship with your security company.

Retail Security Costs

The Australian Institute of Crime (AIC) estimates retail security costs represent around 10 per cent of the overall costs associated with crime against business with the cost of security measures at approximately $190,000, compared with a total cost of crime, leakage and shrinkage, of $1.25 million. These alarming numbers more than anything prove the importance of investing in a good security system and premium protection such as top of the line security grilles provided by Trellis Doors.

So what are the most worrying concerns when it comes to the the rate of crime in our neighbourhoods and workplace communities? New figures from the AIC outlines teenagers aged 15 to 19 are Australia’s most dangerous people. In an article on, Demographer David Chalke explains easier access to alcohol, the prevalence of video games and changing family structures were to blame for high rates of crime among teens. also outlines that there will be an increase in funding with the Federal Government investing $40 million into a National Crime Prevention Fund which allows local communities to work together to recognise local problems and develop local solutions.

Now that the Federal Government is doing their part to decrease crime, we must now shift our attention to what individual actions we can take to do our part. Trellis Doors security grilles are a great way to do this. Why are security grilles from Trellis Doors the best option for your residential and commercial properties? They have unmatched strength in design as they are the strongest trellis door currently available in Australia. The doors have multiple locking points and an unique quick access keyless lock which improves protection. The security grilles also come with security screws on external fixings. They are unobtrusive and invisible to your customers and very flexible. They also come in a wide range of colours and are long lasting with with a 5 year warranty.

The Australian Trellis Door Company™ is also properly licensed and complies with industry standards. If you are looking for an affordable yet extremely effective way to protect your property and assets, security grilles are the answer.