Unique and Versatile Foldaway Double Diamond Barriers

ATDC has installed its unique and versatile foldaway double diamond mesh barriers to secure all the public entry areas and access points into Caddens Corner, a new neighbourhood shopping centre in Penrith.

The double diamond mesh barriers on this project each have lever handles for emergency egress as they secure public thoroughfares. The double diamond mesh is unique in that it prevents persons reaching through these barriers to activate the lever handles from the outside and in this way  the integrity of these systems is maintained.

Specified by Crows Nest based, Nettleton Tribe architects, these barriers are mobile, trackless and relocatable. Project Managers for this site are Mainbrace Constructions.

For further information on ATDC’s foldaway barriers see their website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security/barriers-and-cafe-barriers or contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435.


ATDC has installed its roll and foldaway barrier systems at various MBE locations across Australia.

Serving as both an access control device and as an additional security barrier, ATDC’s roll and foldaway barrier systems are light, mobile, flexible and safe to operate. When not in use they fold neatly out of the way and out of sight. And they are relatively inexpensive.

With MBE customers having 24/7 access to their respective mailboxes,the roll and foldaway barriers serve to provide additional security preventing these customers from accessing other  areas of the premises.

The above photographs show a recent installation at MBE at Point Cook in Victoria.

For further information on ATDC’s barriers visit their website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security/barriers-and-cafe-barriers or contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435.

Portable barriers secure 24 hour gyms and health clubs

ATDC’s portable barriers are in high demand as an access control barrier in 24 hour gyms, health clubs, wellness centres and sports recreation centres.

The portable barriers are ideal for such applications  as they are an inexpensive means of allowing paid members access on an after hour basis through  activating digital security keypad codes or even simply by standard key access.

The barriers are trackless, mobile, free standing and lockable and can be relocatable to different areas of the premises as the need arises. They are OH&S tested for safe operation and can be fitted with special egress locks for emergency exit under the Building Code of Australia where required.

The photograph shows a recent installation at the new Crossfit Gym at Smeaton Grange in Sydney.

For further information on ATDC’s full range of portable barriers visit their website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security/barriers-and-cafe-barriers or contact them toll free on 1800657435 from anywhere in Australia.

Emergency temporary security barriers if your project is placed on hold

The global  pandemic has left us all facing unprecedented circumstances and is creating mass uncertainty. This unique situation risks placing many commercial construction and fitout projects on hold midstream.

Should you find yourself in a position where your project has been placed on hold mid construction or should you find yourself unable to secure supply of a commercial door to finish off your commercial project Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) can provide temporary security barriers in a hurry ex stock to provide your project with immediate temporary lock up.

ATDC’s trackless security barriers are available to hire or rent for short, medium or long term leases. Or even to purchase if required. They are very cost effective. And they are also an excellent crowd control and access control device.

The security barriers are trackless and mobile and are available in standard heights of 2020mm or 2520mm high or customized to your particular requirements.They require no overhead supporting structure to secure them nor to lock them. Wall mounted or floor mounted locking options are available.They are finished in either a black or white powdercoat.

For further information on ATDC’s full range of temporary security barriers visit their website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security/barriers-and-cafe-barriers or contact ATDC toll free from anyewhere in Australia on 1800657435.

Emergency Crowd Control Barriers For Immediate Compliance with Social Distancing Legislation

The current extraordinary health and safety challenges resulting from the coronavirus pandemic has placed a huge emphasis on the need for landlords to enforce social distancing on their premises.

In this regard landlords are utilising ATDC’s unique and proven , versatile crowd control barriers to achieve these objectives and to ensure patrons and customers on their premises comply with both state and federal legislation. The attached photograph shows an application whereby public access through travelators and escalators is efficiently controlled.

These crowd control  barriers are portable, trackless, mobile and easily relocatable operating on a series of heavy duty non marking bottom rubber castors. They are available  ex stock in heights of either 2020mm or 2520mm and are lockable into side walls or floors.They are relatively inexpensive items and are available  from ATDC ex stock as a once off purchase or as an ongoing rental product.They are OH+S certified and safe to operate.They require no support structure and so can lock up can be achieved immediately and cost effectively.

For further information on their  unique crowd control barrier range please contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435 or visit their website at https://www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security/barriers-and-cafe-barriers

Must read-Proliferation of railway stations leads to spike in Transit Retail – Crowd Control Barriers For Transit Increasingly Required

A major expansion of railway stations  in both Sydney and Melbourne has resulted in a mushrooming of valuable new retail floor space.  The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC)’s industry leading crowd control barriers are the go to product for securing retail space in these transit hubs whether for airports,railway stations or hospital retail storefronts.

In Sydney,major  expansions at Wynyard,Central Station,Barrangaroo and the Northwest Metro Line are typical examples of this fairly recent phenomenon.(See article by Carolyn Cummins at https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/transit-retail-hitting-the-mark-as-train-stations-multiply-20180329-p4z6yz.html      )

Similarly with airports and hospitals,transit hubs are proving to be the new frontier for retailers with their captive market.

ATDC has supplied its crowd control barriers to secure permanent and pop up retail at Central Station and Wynyard (See article at www.trellisdoors.com.au/unique-security-doors-for-sydney-light-rail-project  )as well as securing thousands  of square metres of retail space at both Sydney and Melbourne International and Domestic Airports .(See article at  www.trellisdoors.com.au/increased-focus-on-shopfront-security-for-airport-retailers  )

ATDC’s crowd control barriers are safe and easy to operate,having being tested against the relevant OH+S legislation and also NATA tested against the Australian Standards for temporary Fencing and Hoarding,including dynamic impact testing and simulated climbing.For further information see article at  www.trellisdoors.com.au/safety-fencing-for-American-Airlines  )

These crowd control barriers are trackless,portable and flexible.Since they are modular,they can span unlimited width apertures (at any angle)  without the need for any removeable mullions.Avaialble in standard heights , they run on a series of heavy duty non marking thermoplastic bottom castors and have numerous wall mounted and floor fixed locking options.

For further information on ATDC’s comprehensive cutting edge crowd control barriers visit ATDC’s website at www.trellisdoors.com.au/products/commercial-security/barriers-and-cafe-barriers    or contact ATDC toll free on 1800657435 from Anywhere in Australia.

ATDC’s crowd control gates are now sold in Sydney,Melbourne,Brisbane,Adelaide,Perth and Canberra as well as in all regional towns across the country including Newcastle,Geelong,Townsville,Sunshine and Gold Coast regions.In addition they are also exported throughout the Asia Pacific,South East Asia,The Pacific Islands and The UAE.( www.trellisdoors.com.au/export/singapore )