Security Doors and Shutters for Factories, Warehouses, Corporate Parks, Logistics and Distribution Centres

ATDC’s unique range of security doors and shutters are becoming  increasingly popular to secure factories, warehouses, corporate parks, logistics and  distribution centres.

A recent project for Flower Park at Smeaton Avenue, Dandenong South in Melbourne’s outer south eastern suburbs (pictured) saw ATDC install its heavy duty S06 trellis security doors and shutters to the front entry glazed doors and windows to all 12 factory units in this corporate park.

These Australian Standards compliant sliding security doors fold completely out of the way when not in use so as not to obstruct the front entry doors and windows however when closed and locked at night they provide the factory units with a formidable level of security. With their triple contact security rated locking mechanisms and full metal frames, these  doors are increasingly becoming the product of choice for security conscious landlords and tenants.

For further information on ATDC’s full range of security doors and shutters visit their website at   or contact them toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435