Top Security Door Company in Australia Approaches Louis Vuitton After a Ram Raid in Sydney

Top Security Door Company in Australia Approaches Louis Vuitton After a Ram Raid in Sydney

Leading Australian security door group, The Australian Trellis Door Company™ (ATDC™), will today enter discussion with luxury retailer Louis Vuitton with a view to securing their premises, after a ram raid this morning in Sydney at its King St. outlet.

ATDC has successfully protected another ram raid victim, Camilla, after two of its Sydney outlets were ram raided last year. The company’s new S10™ Aluminium T-Max security door has a near perfect record for protecting retailers against ram raid and other break-ins.

The concertina style door is an expanding security system, comprising of an expanding trellis framed pattern, with rigid top suspension track and bottom guide rail, with other retail clients being Tiffany’s Prouds and Bang & Olufsen.

Principal of ATDC, Mr. Jonathan Kaplan, said “It is time retailers took quick action to protect their premises against these disgraceful criminals who destroy property. Our products have close to a 100 per cent record of stopping crimes being committed against commercial and residential properties”.

The S10™ Max Aluminium Door is custom designed to secure any door, window or passage opening, while allowing easy operation, security, build quality and flow of air and light, protecting staff at all times and preventing break-ins 24 hours a day.

The door features a unique quick-action, keyless style lock for enhanced protection. This locking system has a 12mm pin and a double hook for extra strength. With three locking points in one lock, the door can be slam locked for instant security and protection.

Unlike fixed security screens, the S10™ Aluminium T-Max range folds away to one fifth of its size when not in use, allowing the door to disappear from view when not in use, and making it ideal for retail and shop front security.

Offering one of the world’s finest security barriers, the retracting security door is a result of three years of research and development.

Manufactured from hardened aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel, the door is fully framed for extra strength, and offers affordable security in an aesthetic design.

Designed to suit any interior, the door range is available in an anodized or powder-coated finish, which can be manufactured to a range of colour schemes from the Dulux range, to suit almost any environment.

The S10™ Aluminium T-Max trellis door can be custom designed by the ATDC design team to suit individual requirements and is custom made to fit perfectly. The security doors are now available Australia wide.

The door is offered with a five-year warranty when maintained in accordance with the product’s care guidelines to offer peace of mind, and features anti-corrosive properties to stand the test of time.

The ATDC is an Australian, family owned business led by brothers Jonathan and Richard Kaplan, which has been operating since 1985.

It currently supplies Australiasia’s most diverse range of precision engineered expanding trellis security doors in steel and aluminium, which are suitable for securing most residential, commercial and industrial applications, and has remained the market leader in this field.

For more information visit ATDC’s website on or call 1800 657 435.