The Australian Trellis Door Company™ Closes the Door on Theft for Pubs and Liquor Outlets

The Australian Trellis Door Company™ Closes the Door on Theft for Pubs and Liquor Outlets

With the increasing number of ram raids and robberies in pubs and hotels, security is at the forefront of the minds of shop and business owners and managers, who are looking to protect their premises and reduce the risk of unauthorised entry and theft.

Australian owned business The Australian Trellis Door Company™ (ATDC™) currently supplies Australasia’s most diverse range of precision engineered expanding trellis security doors in both steel and aluminium, and has successfully protected a number of businesses in the hospitality industry with its economical, expanding trellis door and barrier solutions.

Current businesses that have successfully utilised the ATDC range of security doors include the Solotel Group for its pubs including the Kings Cross Hotel, The Sheaf and The Regent Hotel, as well as Dan Murphy’s, The Mariott, Accor and Ibis, as well as the BWS and Liquorland chains of liquor outlets.

BWS – the Australian retail chain of liquor stores owned by Woolworths Limited – is a regular user of ATDC’s trellis security doors and has installed them at over 30 of their BWS outlets across the country.

Pleased with the product and the experiences of dealing with ATDC, Ms Karen Price, Project Manager for NSW/ACT for the BWS Group said, “The ATDC Trellis Doors are part of our specifications to builders when renovating existing stores or acquiring new stores, and we have been using the product for many years with great success. It works really well in terms of what we require for our business.

“Being a liquor outlet, the BWS stores are an common target for break-ins and thefts, and the trellis doors work as a great deterrent for thieves, while protecting our stock, and providing peace of mind and safety for staff. Our dealings with ATDC have been great, as they have always been very pleasant, efficient and most of all flexible. They are our preferred vendor for security doors,” she added.

Karen said that she is delighted to always recommend ATDC and its products to other businesses she comes in contact with.

ATDC’s popular Mobile Trackless Trellis Barrier, a system which operates on trolleys and which can be wheeled away during the day and stored out of sight, is an economical security solution which provides enormous flexibility, allowing proprietors to close off awkward openings, which are typically very difficult to secure.

These are the same barriers used by Sydney’s 24-hour pub Scruffy Murphy’s. The doors were installed here as a preventative measure. There are three bars in the pub and some are closed at certain times of the day. The doors prevent any customers from straying into the closed bars and helping themselves to drinks. The doors also take away the temptation for staff to steal stock.

Commenting on the doors, Scruffy Murphy’s Ms Cecilia Molloy said, “All in all the doors provide security and peace of mind that there is no theft from those areas/bars that are closed off at different times of the day. I recommend this product to all similar businesses as a theft prevention strategy, where sections of the business housing stock or valuables might be closed off at certain times of trading hours.”

ATDC has a range of trellis doors and screens which are suitable for securing most residential, commercial and industrial applications, and has remained the market leader in this field.

For more information visit ATDC’S website on or call 1800 657 435.