Applications of Rapid Roll High Speed Doors

Rapid Roll Doors

The Many and Varied Applications of High Speed Doors

The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) offers a wide range of rapid roll high speed doors suitable for use in food processing, healthcare, leisure, pharmaceutical and research environments.

High standards of cleanliness are required in food manufacturing.  High speed doors are suitable for all applications where food safety and cleanliness are crucial.

Strict legislation is enforced on medical facilities and hospitals with regards to frequent usage of doors.  Rapid roll high speed doors assist in stopping the spreading of infections in hospitals, operating theatres, intensive care units, patient wards and X-ray rooms.

Doors within leisure centres, swimming pools and sports facilities need to cope with frequent usage while being hygienic at the same time.  High speed doors are ideal for such use in leisure facilities as they are able to cope with high levels of traffic, while at the same time being hygienic, smooth and non-absorbent.  They are resistant to heavy cleaning agents and are rust resistant in such high moisture environments.

Within pharmaceutical applications, research laboratories and cleanrooms, a high level of clean-ability and hygiene is required.  High speed doors do not harbour bacteria, due to the smooth, seamless surfaces and non-porous qualities.  They play a role in maintaining correct room pressures and air circulation rates.

For further information on their rapid roll high speed doors contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800657435 or click here to visit the relevant page on ATDC’s website.