Portable Security Barriers

Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC™) has preserved its position as clear market leader in the barrier security door industry by producing this country’s first independently audited WHS risk assessment of a portable concertina security barrier.

Mindful of managing its obligations in relation to work health and safety, ATDC proactively engaged an independent auditor to assist in identifying safety hazards in relation to the supply, installation and operation of its portable security door in an effort to ensure it complied with the relevant legislation.

ATDC then acted on the written recommendations of the auditor to implement design and documentary changes to its expandable barrier to reduce and control the risk of the identified hazards. A full copy of this report is available on request.

The safety improvements to this expanding barrier are ongoing and ATDC continues to implement improvements to ensure its manufacturing standards are consistent and so ensuring compliance with the relevant legislation.

The results have been extremely favourably received by the market particularly with larger national customers and of course smaller ones too who are becoming increasingly conscious of their own WHS obligations.

The barrier is a completely trackless, mobile and versatile security door which has multiple applications since the width is unlimited and its modular construction means it can be constructed on angles, curves and difficult shaped apertures as well as standard applications.

The industrial and mining sectors see this expandable barrier‘s application for securing factory, warehouse and distribution centre loading docks and bays, protecting staff from dangerous machinery, providing access control and work safe-areas and platforms by dividing areas of all dimensions and, furthermore, assisting in inventory control by controlling theft of stock.

The commercial market sees its application in providing access control in shopping centres,public and government buildings such as airports, railway stations and museums. Providing lock up for temporary tenancies and pop up shops in arcades and malls is a further common application.

The applications are limitless-the barriers are even available for hire on a temporary basis for those with short term requirements for its use.

For further information on ATDC’s written WHS risk assessment report please contact us on 1800657435 or visit our website on ATDC has national coverage and can service your barrier needs and all security door, roller shutter and security shutter requirements across Australia.