Mobile Security Barriers Now Available for Hire

Mobile Security Barriers Now Available for Hire

Our SO4-1 mobile security barriers are proving to be a winner in all sorts of situations for three main reasons.

1. Because they’re Easy

Pioneered, designed and assembled in Australia, our security barrier is flexible and versatile requiring no top support structure. It is able to span an unlimited width without the need for any supporting mullions.

Our security barriers can be installed on any angle and you can even shape them in a curved format. Because they are on rubber castors they can simply be moved into position when required. When you don’t need them, they simply fold up and you can wheel them away to your back-of-house storage.

For ultimate ease of movement, we also supply a special trolley that allows you to load several security barriers at once, so you can deploy them efficiently.

2. Because they’re useful almost everywhere

Ideal applications for our mobile security barriers include:

  • Securing factory loading dock entries
  • Securing kiosks in shopping centres
  • Access control surrounding dangerous equipment or equipment under maintenance
  • Locking down food courts in shopping centres

Locking out public access areas in buildings like railway stations, airports, and government offices.

3. Because now you can hire them!

In response to demands from customers to provide a temporary lock-up solution, you can now rent a mobile security barrier for a term as short as just one week.

You will find the rental option particularly useful when you have temporary security requirements such as:

  • event staging
  • OH&S work site applications
  • casual tenancies in shopping centres
  • pop-up retail shops (numbers of which have increased dramatically since the advent of the GFC).

How does it work?

Give us a call or contact us. We will come to your home or business to assess your requirements and give you a quote. Then, when your temporary door is delivered we will set it up for you. When your lease term expires we’ll be back to pack it all up with no extra effort required from you.

Available Now, just call or write

You can hire a mobile security barrier in metro Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Please call to check availability in other centres

For more information on our mobile security barriers please visit this page or call us on 1800 657 435.