Bell Air and Scruffy Murphys Editorial

Bell Air and Scruffy Murphys Editorial

The Australian Trellis Door Company™ is proud to announce their recent admission as a member to the Australian Shop and Office Fitting Industry Association.

Expanding Trellis Doors

The Australian Trellis Door Company™ offers a range of economical, expanding trellis door and barrier solutions to assist retailers in safeguarding against robbery and pilfering.

Simon Cant is the proprietor of City Cellars, a boutique bottle store in the heart of the revitalised King Street Wharf Precinct at Sydney’s Darling Harbour.

Simon recently installed trellis security doors to the front of his store. During the day the doors tuck out of the way to ensure an unobstructed view of his merchandise. At night they provide maximum through-vision enhancing store presentation. Simon says, “Since installing my trellis doors I can sleep well knowing that my stock is adequately protected. I also like it that unwelcome elements are kept away from the entrance area to my store at night. I place an emphasis on in-store presentation and am happy that at night passers-by can view my store, my entire range, and any in-store promotions that I may wish to run.”

Security for Retailers

These expanding trellis doors are used to secure the shop-fronts of many retailers, acting as a deterrent to ram-raids, break-ins, and vandalism. Simon said that he would be happy to recommend The Australian Trellis Door Company™ and its products to other businesses.

Another satisfied customer is the Bell Air Café at the Met Centre in the city in Sydney. They use a slightly different trellis product known as a Mobile Trackless Trellis Barrier, a system which operates on trolleys and which can be wheeled away during the day and stored out of sight. This system is very economical and provides enormous flexibility, allowing proprietors to close off awkward openings, which are typically very difficult to secure.

These are the same barriers used by Sydney’s 24-hour Scruffy Murphy’s Pub. There the doors were put in as a preventative measure. There are three bars in the pub and some are closed at certain times of the day. The doors prevent any customers from straying into the closed bars and helping themselves to drinks.

The doors also take away the temptation for staff to steal stock.

Scruffy Murphy’s Cecilia Molloy says:

“All in all the doors provide security and peace of mind that there is no theft from those areas/bars that are closed off at different times of the day.

I recommend this product to all similar businesses as a theft prevention strategy, where sections of the business housing stock or valuables might be closed off at certain times of trading hours.” 

Invisible by day, formidable by night

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