ATDC Installs Expandable Security Barriers at Kathmandu Stores Australia

ATDC Installs Expandable Security Barriers at Kathmandu Stores Australia

The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) is installing its expandable security barriers at Kathmandu stores across Australia.

Expandable Security Barriers

Kathmandu, which is listed on both the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges and has over 137 stores in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, is a leading retailer of popular travel and outdoor clothing, equipment and accessories. Following multiple break and enters into its stores, Kathmandu has turned to ATDC to install its expandable security barriers to deter future break in attempts for its highly sought after clothing and equipment brand.

ATDC’s expandable security barriers are fabricated from hardened steel and, with their multi-point locking options they provide an excellent deterrent against break-ins and hence they are an effective loss prevention tool.

These expandable security barriers are flexible and mobile, trackless and free standing, and are available in standard heights of either 2020mm or 2520mm. Tested against the rigid Australian Standards for Temporary Fencing and Hoarding and with an independently audited WHS certification for safety, these technologically advanced  barriers are stand out leaders in the industry.  ATDC‘s barriers also offer innovative emergency egress locking options under the BCA where required.

Security for Tenancies

As in the case of Kathmandu, the expandable security barriers are not only useful to secure permanent and temporary tenancies but can also be used to provide access control to government and public buildings, shopping centres, warehouses and loading docks and can be used for innumerable worksafe applications. Fabricated on a series of non-marking heavy duty bottom castors, the barriers are light and easy to operate and can be installed in multiple locations within the same building making them a cost effective security option.

Both steel and aluminium expandable security barriers are available depending on the application and they can be purchased outright or can be hired on either a long term or short term basis. In the latter case ATDC provides a drop off and pick up service both during and after hours.

Available Across Australia

The expandable security barriers are now available for sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra and also in all regional towns across the country including Newcastle, Geelong, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Far North Queensland. In addition they are currently exported to Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and throughout South East Asia, The Asia Pacific, The UAE and the Pacific Islands.

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For further information on ATDC’s commercial and industrial range of expandable security barriers please contact ATDC toll free from anywhere in Australia on 1800 657 435.