Security Doors and Shutters Installed Across Luxottica Properties

The Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC™) is developing an enviable reputation as the market leading supplier of security doors, security shutters and roller shutters to Australia’s retail industry.

Security Doors and Shutters

Retail sectors that have installed ATDC’s security doors and security shutters include food and grocery outlets, computer and electrical stores, supermarkets and convenience stores, petrol stations, mobile phone and jewellery shops, tobacconists, fashion stores, fruit shops, tattoo and pawn brokers, coffee kiosks, hairdressers and beauty salons, dvd and video stores, surfwear shops and many more.


Security for Retailers

In each of these market sectors ATDC has provided its security shutters and roller shutters to the leading players. In the jewellery sector ATDC has supplied its security doors to Angus + Coote, Prouds Jewellers, Goldmark, Cerrone, Hardy Brothers. In the food industry ATDC has supplied its security doors to Gloria Jeans Coffees, Muffin Break, Boost Juice, Harris Farm, IGA and many more on a national basis. In the petrol and service station business ATDC has provided its roller shutters to BP, Mobil, Shell, Woolworths/Caltex and Liberty Petrol. And in the mobile phone business ATDC considers Telstra, Vodafone, Optus, Fone Zone amongst its national list of high profile customers.

ATDC has also installed its security doors and security shutters at many high profile fashion eyewear, luxury eyewear, sports eyewear outlets and optometrists stores. High profile customers include the extensive retail portfolio of the global group, Luxottica, which includes well known branded stores such as Laubman and Pank, OPSM and Sunglass Hut. Well known branded products sold by this group (which has stores in the USA, Europe, China, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa include Ray Ban, Oakley, Persol, DKNY, Polo and Ralph Lauren all high target items for would be thieves.

Minimize Theft and Burglaries

ATDC’s security barriers have a tremendous success rate in minimizing pilfering, shrinkage, theft, burglaries and the like and so assist the Luxottica group in their loss prevention strategies. With ATDC’s national coverage it is able to service the security needs of national and multinational retailers like Luxottica at any location within Australia and New Zealand including all metro and regional centres, however remote they may be.

Leading Security Barrier Specialists

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Removable Lockable Bars Provide Easy Exit in the Case of Fire

Removable Lockable Bars

The Australian Trellis Door Company™ (ATDC™) has engineered a unique security barrier that allows emergency egress in the event of fire, with its removable lockable window bar system.

Ideal for securing both homes and businesses, the removable security bars are fitted on the internal of windows, allowing for quick removal for emergency exit.

The system is unique with ATDC being the only manufacturer of a product of this kind in Australia, and the product is fashioned on the concept of the old style gun rack storage unit. The original design originates out of Utah in the USA, and this quality product is now wholly manufactured in Australia. The vertical steel bars are manufactured from steel for extra strength and the tamper resistant exclusive locking mechanism makes these steel bars easy to remove for a quick emergency exit or to clean the glass.


A heavy duty extruded aluminium top and bottom track are both secured with concealed fixings, making them even stronger and more resistant to break-ins. It is the bottom track extrusion that houses the locking mechanism, completely concealing it, while the top track serves as the receiving end of the vertical steel bars.

Residential Applications

Residential applications for the removable security bars include protecting mainly windows from break in-the bars allow you the homeowner to enjoy your home and the fresh air, day or night, safe and secure. It is generally suitable for securing windows up to a height of 1500mm, and this height can be exceeded by reinforcing the steel vertical bars with metal inserts.

Commercial Applications

Commercial applications include securing windows to schools, day care centres, council depot’s, TAFE Colleges, Hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, universities, in each case offering not only security but also the option of emergency egress in the event of fire, for fire safety and security. The removable security bars are available in a wide range of powder-coated finishes to blend in with almost any colour scheme. It comes with a 12 month warranty on defective materials and workmanship, and a 5 year installation guarantee.

ATDC – Family Owned Since 1985

The ATDC is an Australian, family owned business led by brothers Jonathan and Richard Kaplan, which has been operating since 1985.

It currently supplies Australasia’s most diverse range of precision engineered expanding trellis security doors in steel and aluminium, which are suitable for securing most residential, commercial and industrial applications, and has remained the market leader in this field.

For more information visit ATDC’S website on or call 1800 657 435.

Bi-fold Solution for Closing and Securing Retail Shopfronts

Bi-Folding Doors for Retail Security

Folding closures are an ideal bi-folding door application to secure retail shopfronts in shopping centres and airports, bar counter tops, doorways and mall enclosures.

The Best in Space Efficiency

ATDC currently offer the most space efficient folding closures on the market. They are made from aluminium, are attractive, lightweight and easy to use. This folding closure boasts a new low -friction continuous hinge system which means less moving parts, easy operation and reduced maintenance.

ATDC’s closures come in a variety of materials. One option is high performance tempered glass which offers excellent visibility and exceptional protection. Another option is polycarbonate, which provides remarkable impact-resistance in a surprisingly light package. This product is also available with a perforated aluminium in-fill, which combines transparency with the strength of aluminium for good-looking protection and ventilation.

These closures can be installed to a curved opening, and stacked in the same line as the door or diverted away to maximise the shopfront opening.

Superior Quality for Retailers

Due to superior product quality and customer service, ATDC’s doors are increasingly used by major retail chains and independent retailers, shopping centre operators, commercial tenants, builders, government, architects and designers, Australia-wide.

Speak to our Qualified Team

ATDC has national representation and their qualified team of staff provide a complete service from tender through to design, consultancy, installation and maintenance. With a Project Manager to oversee each job, they are well organised and practiced in co-ordination of all project requirements, specifications, OH&S, WMS’s etc.

For further information please contact ATDC on 1300 838 259.

Barrier Solutions to Open Air Smoking Provisions

Legislation Bans Smoking Indoors

Last year saw the introduction of new legislation banning smoking indoors across NSW’s 3,700 licensed venues. The legislation allows smoking in areas which are 25 per cent open to the elements (known as the “75/25” open air provision), whilst smoke needs to be allowed to be blown away.

Venue operators have been putting significant effort and expense into improving their gardens and outdoor areas to accommodate the smokers.

Mobile Trackless Trellis Barriers

One relatively inexpensive product used by some of these venue operators to assist compliance with the 75/25 rules, is the Mobile Trackless Trellis Barrier, available from the Australian Trellis Door Company™.

The open-style nature of these expanding steel barriers allows smoke to blow away. They are mobile, operate on a series of trolleys and castors, so that they can be used for the erection of temporary enclosures, wheeled away when not in use and stored out of sight. This system is available up to a height of 2,500mm, is very economical and provides enormous flexibility, allowing the closing off of make-shift and awkward openings which may be typically very difficult to enclose.

Slam-lock Facility

The systems are secured on each end by a slam-lock facility which locks the barrier to a side fixing point. Shoot bolts drop intermittently into the floor helping to stabilize the system from sideways movement, especially on uneven areas. If no suitable side-fixing point exists then one could use ATDC’s removable lockable posts, which lock down onto a laser cut stainless steel plate positioned on the floor, creating the required fixing point.

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Security Doors for Chemists and Pharmacies

Security Shutters and Roller Shutters

ATDC is a leading supplier of security doors, security shutters and roller shutters for chemists and pharmacies nationally across Australia.

Chemists and pharmacies are particularly vulnerable to break and enter attacks as many of them stock the commonly known pseudoephedrine which is used in the manufacture of the drug Speed.

Security for Chemists and Pharmacies

ATDC has installed its security doors, security shutters and roller shutters for many of Australia’s well known branded chemists and pharmacies with household names like Amcal, Priceline, Discount Pharmacy Warehouse, Chemmart, Discount Drug Stores and many others.

ATDC’s trellis security doors are particularly appealing to chemists and pharmacies as they provide formidable security when locked and closed given their high performance anti-jemmy 3 point locking system, full surround metal frame and heavy duty mesh inserts. When unlocked and opened they retract sideways so as to be almost out of sight and invisible and so preserve display windows and merchandising displays.

Added Defence Options

These trellis security doors can also be installed in combination with bollards which serve as an added line of defence against attempted ram raids. ATDC’s S06 trellis security door has recently passed the stringent testing requirements for anti-jemmy and dynamic impact under Australian Standard 5039 which sets the benchmark for security doors in this country.

Available in a wide range of professional powdercoated finishes, ATDC’s engineers have developed a range of differently designed security doors which can also be manufactured in a curved configuration to meet the design requirements of curved apertures.

Australia’s Leading Barrier Security Specialists

ATDC is Australia’s leading barrier security specialist and it has national representation. For more information call 1800 657 435 or contact us today.

The Mobile Trackless Barrier System

The Mobile Trackless Trellis Barrier System

The Australian Trellis Door Company‘s™ (ATDC™) S04-1 Mobile Trackless Trellis Barrier System is proving to be an outstanding success. ATDC recently installed over 120 lineal metres of Trackless Barriers at Gosford Town Centre, a recently redeveloped shopping centre on the NSW Central Coast.

The job description was to secure 8 kiosks situated in the middle of the centre. Being kiosks there was no super structure and no fixing points or supports. There were many angled lines and almost 120 lineal metres of space to secure, and no place to store the doors.

Versatile and Self-Supporting

The versatile S04-1™ trackless barrier easily solved and overcame all these difficulties. Being a trackless barrier, the absence of fixing points posed no problems since the system is self-supporting, and it could span an unlimited width at any angle and without the need for any mullions. Storage space was not an issue as the systems could be stored off the premises.

A Similar barrier installation occurred at Centro Galleria in Perth, WA. “The trellis system has proven to be a very effective deterrent as well as maintaining the ambience of the centre. We are very happy with our purchase” said Operations Manager Dan Boyle.

Removable Lockable Post

ATDC have developed a removable lockable post, which can be used in conjunction with the trackless barrier offering a higher level of security when required. A typical example includes securing an area in a shopping centre between 2 (two) glass shop fronts. The removable lockable posts allow lock up without attaching onto the glass shop front, by locking down onto a laser cut stainless steel plate positioned on the floor.

Another recent innovation includes a specially developed manual handling trolley, which allows a large span trackless barrier to be operated by a single person.

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