The Australian Trellis Door Company manufactures Brisbane’s leading security doors. Strong against burglars, they disappear when they’re not needed.
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“Why do I think you should buy from us?

Because quite simply, no other security barrier product family on the market has the same combination of structural integrity, quality materials, elegant design and customer service to back it up that ours does.

I promise that you will be surprised and delighted by the experience of purchasing from us and my team look forward to greeting you.”

Jonathan Kaplan,
Managing Director

Security Doors Brisbane – A Trellis Door is a better option

In Brisbane you need different performance from your security door than people in a more southern climate.  You need a door that keeps out burglars while letting in the breeze and light of Spring and Summer. 

Broadly speaking, there are three types of Security Door to choose from:

  1. You can get a solid hinged or sliding security door made of metal or reinforced wood.
  2. You can get a sliding or hinged security mesh door…
  3. or you can get the best of both worlds with a door that gives formidable resistance against attack and lets in the light and breeze yet also folds away to just 15% of its size when it is not required.

Consider these facts…

A Trellis Security Door looks better


The look of your home or business is better with a trellis security door because the infill material can be colour matched to your décor or external paint scheme.  Stainless steel mesh doors are always black because any other colour would not permit you to see through the mesh to the outside – it would reflect too much light.  From the inside black mesh looks OK, but on the outside of your building, the effect is quite harsh.  Black screens stand out like dark highlights and make photos of your property less attractive, which can be a real issue when you come to sell.

Something else to consider is that during the day, when you don't need it, your trellis door will fold back out of the way and hide behind your curtains or blinds.  It's practically invisible.  You can't do that with a fixed security door. 

If you're a business owner, you may have noticed the increase in popularity of trellis doors.  This is due to their resistance to attack, see-through good looks, ventilation, low maintenance and competitive pricing.

A Trellis Door combines the strength of a solid door with the openness of stainless steel mesh


Depending on the model of trellis door you choose, you can have anything up to 20mm bar steel securing your doorway or window space.  No thief is going to be able to cut or kick through that without investing significant time – something thieves don’t have – they have to get in and out fast to avoid detection.

But solid doors would block all the light and breeze.  Trellis security doors will let the breeze and the light in and make your home more comfortable while still being secure.

A Trellis Door is Corrosion Resistant

Unlike some competing brands which are made of just one type of corrosion-prone metal, our product range is available in galvanised steel or heavy duty aluminium for beachfront areas.  This flexibility in our range means we’re naturally better at coping with corrosion.

Security Doors Brisbane – give us a call

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