Roller Shutters

Commercial Roller Shutters

The Australian Trellis Door Co range of commercial roller shutters includes a full spectrum of top quality designs.  Whatever type of business or commercial environment you’re in, you can rely on our huge range of commercial security shutters.

These innovative roller shutters are versatile, easy to use, and simple to operate. They also maximise your operational space onsite. Our roller shutters roll up into a slimline box, or into the ceiling, making them virtually invisible.

Product Choices

Are you looking for an exterior roller shutter that complements the design of your retail space? Do you need strong, reliable security shutters for your warehouse, industrial loading bay, or other high-usage areas?

We have exactly what you want.  Our high-tech commercial roller shutters are designed to deliver a great look with high standards of performance. All ATDC™ products are configurable to match any commercial space requirements.

Need A Full Security Upgrade for Your Commercial Space?

Our product range includes a complete selection of commercial security shutters and configuration options for all types of commercial premises. If you need multiple solutions for your premises, we also offer a full suite of window security options, security mesh doors and other choices.

Browse our range of below, and speak to one of our representatives about your needs. Ask us about any security problems or ask us for some expert help assessing your security needs. We’ll put together a custom package for all your security requirements.

Contact us

To find out more about our commercial security doors and services, contact us online or call your local ATDC™ centre anywhere in Australia. We’ll be happy to provide any information, technical help or services you need.